Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World is a compilation title for the Super Nintendo. It includes all the games from Super Mario All-Stars, as well as Super Mario World. It was released in December, 1994 in North America and 1995 in Europe. It was never released in Japan.

The original Super Mario All-Stars title screen changes somewhat to accompany the additional game. The background and floor color changes from blue to orange, Super Mario World is added to the logo, and Birdo moves a bit forward to make room for Yoshi, who is added in the background.

Also, the boxart of the game has slightly changed because Super Mario World was added.

==Differences from Super Mario World==

[1][2]The differences from Luigi's appearances.Although there are no huge differences to the game unlike the other games in All-Stars, there are a few minor differences, such as the sprites for Luigi in Super Mario World. In the original game, Luigi looks exactly like Mario except with a green outfit. In the remake, he is slimmer than Mario and performs many actions differently (for instance, Mario slides down slopes on his rear, but Luigi slides down on his knees). Interestingly, Luigi also spits fireballs rather than shooting them from his fingers, resembling the attack of a Fire Bro. Mid-game saving is also incorporated, which works the same as it did in the other games.

Also, Super Mario World now has four save files similar to the rest of the games in Super Mario All-Stars, where the original version only had three, and while on the map screen, the player can press the select button to reveal the option of either continuing the game or quitting.