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Mario Golf
Developer(s) Camelot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Release date [2] August 10, 1999

[3] October 26, 1999 [4] October 1999

Genre Golf
ESRB: [5] - Everyone
Mode(s) Single player

Multiplayer: 1-2

Input Game Boy Color:[6]Control pad

Mario Golf is a game for the Game Boy Color that provides the capability to interact with its Nintendo 64 counterpart. It was released four months after the Nintendo 64 version.


[hide] *1 Gameplay


Though this game has the exact same name as its 64-bit predecessor, it has many variations. Camelot made a normal mode of golfing, similar to that of the Nintendo 64 version, in which the player chooses one of four characters to conquer the challenges of the golf world. However, the developer also included a new, more-involved mode of gameplay.

This new mode of gameplay had traits similar to that of a Role Playing Game. The player was granted the ability to control his or her character more freely. This game mode allowed much character interaction and environmental exploration, making this game have a slightly more detailed story than those in the rest of the series. The player could also Level Up, allowing characters to be more successful at golfing.

New FeaturesEdit

Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color has the ability to link with Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. With the use of the Transfer Pak, the player can transfer data from one version of Mario Golf to the other. By doing so, the player can play as characters specifically in the Nintendo 64 installment on his or her Game Boy Color installment of Mario Golf.

The game also features a multi-player mode, allowing separate players to interact in one game. It also features a special free-play mode for players interested in the golfing portion of the game; this gaming mode has no effect on the main quest.


Default CharactersEdit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

N64 Status Icon CameosEdit

[7][8]N64 on GBC Icon*Charlie


[9][10]A screenshot of Mario Golf.*Marion Club

Field CoursesEdit

Other LocationsEdit


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  • In the game, three 1-Up Mushrooms can be found scattered around the map which reward the player with a level up.
    • The first can be found in the second room of the Directors Office in the Marion Club. It is in one of the two cabinets beside the Grandfather Clock.
    • The second can be found in the Club Maker's Hut in one of the two cabinets.
    • The third and final can be found in Peach's Castle's Courtyard in one of the bushes on the left side.
  • Similarly, the four main characters of the game can be found hidden in various areas (note: players can't find the character the player uses.)
    • Azalea can be found in the rightmost wall of The Palm Club Practice Putting Green.
    • Joe can be found in the leftmost wall of the Raven Woods Golf Course.
    • Kid can be found in the tree closest to the entrance to the Links Club Practice Putting Green.
    • Sherry can be found in the uppermost wall of Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds.
  • On the title screen, the Mario Golf logo can be shook by pressing any direction on D-pad.
  • By holding select while choosing a character the player can play left-handed. This does not include the four main characters (Azalea, Joe, Kid, and Sherry.)
  • 64 Characters Icon found 64 Status in Mario Golf GBC.
    • Peach, Yoshi, DK, Baby Mario, Bowser have appeared in Peach's Castle.
    • Plum has appeared in Dictionary.